About Claudia

Hello! My name is Claudia Chender and I am proud and honoured to serve as the MLA for Dartmouth South.

I live in Southdale along with my husband and three young children. As the owner of a commercial property on Portland Street focused on finding local businesses as tenants, I am and have been a strong advocate for the promotion of Downtown Dartmouth. 

I'm active in the Dartmouth South school community as a member of the Hawthorne School Home and School Association, and the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission.

A trained lawyer, former legal educator with the Nova Scotia Barrister's Society and associate publisher of a non-profit media group, I have a wide range of experience to help serve the Dartmouth South Community. 

I am deeply committed to the people of Dartmouth South and will work hard to stand up for you and your family. I'm here because of this great community, and my job is to serve you as best I can. If you have a question, concern, or idea, please don't hesitate to contact me!


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