EPIC Canadian - Run for Canada

“Our 2019 event is again hosted at Grahams Grove Park on the shores of Lake Banook in Dartmouth, starting Monday July 1st at 8AM with The Maple Leaf 10K, followed at 9:30AM by The Canadian 5K. We will use the same race format EPIC pioneered within Canada in 2014, the EPIC Double-In-A-Day: two distances, back-to-back, 90 minutes apart, for a total of 15K, with the additional challenge of posting your best total time for the 15K distance as well.

Together, we built the largest Canadian themed running event on Canada's East Coast and grew to become our country's largest Canada Day Weekend running event in 2017 and 2018. Over the next set of years, Canada Day itself moves away from the weekend, becoming a standalone holiday, and moving through the middle of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc). This left us faced with a choice to be a Canadian themed event *not* actually on Canada Day, or being able to celebrate the joy of running, walking, and Active Living on Canada Day itself.

Based on feedback from our participants, we have opted to let go of the weekend format for the next group of years, keeping our two largest races, The Maple Leaf 10K, and The Canadian 5K, celebrated directly on our country's birthday, Canada Day, July 1st.

The EPIC Goodr Double-In-A-Day adds a custom designed pair of Epic Canadian Goodr sunglasses to the race kit.

In addition to our usual Double-In-A-Day category featuring one shirt, two races and three medals, we’ve found a way to make it even Goodr. The EPIC Goodr Double-In-A-Day adds a custom designed pair of Epic Canadian Goodr sunglasses to the race kit. These are the very same, insanely popular polarized, no-bounce sunglasses that have become the running world’s most regarded piece of gear.

We were overwhelmed by the positive response to the first of the "CANADA" medals and are looking forward to revealing the new “A” medal design later this spring.

We too want to keep these medals as a special achievement, and share your belief that we also need to find ways to be as inclusive as possible, giving every participant a chance to partake, even if they are new to running, or need to spread their two events out over more than a single day. To address this need, we will be adding a CANADA Medals “Catch Up” VIRTUAL RUN registration option that will allow a 2019 participant to complete their EPIC Canadian distances on their own, with a group, or even while participating in one of the other fine running events in our province in 2019 and to earn the “C” or “A” medal. This registration option will be available on our registration page and website in the coming months as well as at race kit pick up.“

WHEN: Monday July 1st at 8AM

WHERE: Grahams Grove Park, Dartmouth

HOW MUCH: $50 - $125

More INFO: epiccanadian.ca

Claudia Chender MLA