NSCC NovaFest at Whiskey's Lounge

“NOVAFest is a spring music festival put on by NSCC's Music Arts students. Throughout the two year program, students learn about the music business through their various business courses. NOVAFest allows them to apply their new knowledge to a project that helps them begin their career as musicians and as members of the local music industry. The students plan, book, promote, and play shows for the entire month of May.

In previous years, the festival has simply been called MARTSFest. In 2015 the brand of NOVAFest began. "NOVA" pays homage to our creative Maritime province, but also stands for New Music, Opportunities, Variety, and Aspiring Artists. We aim to represent our local community and give new artists a platform to break into the music scene.

Come check out NOVAFest 2019 to hear some awesome Halifax-based bands!“

“Come on out for a night of variety with rock, jazz, fusion, and a combination of all of the above!

How Many Witnesses is a guitar driven power-rock band guaranteed to make you nod your head and maybe shout “wooo” a few times. Listening to this band live WILL make that ex-girlfriend of yours want you back, your hair WILL stop falling
out and your teeth WILL be whiter than ever! Why would anyone pass up such an incredible opportunity? Barbara if you’re reading this please let me see the kids.

Reuben is a 9 piece jazz fusion band presenting both arrangements of classic standards and original compositions. Led by the amazing James Shaw, who is featured playing alto and tenor saxophone in multiple local bands including Roxy & The Underground Soul Sound and Goat Stories, this band’s eclectic variety of music will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you like a show full of variety and excitement, Reuben is the band for you!

Overnight Parking Band- under the direction of Tom Easley, we are a jazz sextet steeped a variety of styles both modern and classic. A treat for the ears (and the eyes), clap along, or just sit back, relax and sip your scotch.”

WHEN: Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 8 PM – 12 AM

WHERE: Whiskey's Lounge, 27 Portland St, Dartmouth


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Claudia Chender MLA