April Makers Swap - a swap with a twist!

Can you believe this is our 10th month of makers swaps?! We started with a little idea to "share what we have and take what we need" and this has grown into a beautiful monthly community gathering. The popularity of this event has meant we have nearly outgrown our space. 45 people in a family room/dining room combo is pretty darn tight, even after we knocked down walls to accommodate :) Especially when we often see more than 5 tables overflowing with goodies!! This month we reached out to a few venues in the neighborhood to see if we could try opening up this space rather than restricting the attendance. Our sincere appreciation goes out to the The Wooden Monkey Dartmouth who have offered us FREE space in their beautiful and accessible restaurant at Alderney Landing.

This is an experiment to see if it is possible to change the space but keep the same sense of connection we have always had with these swaps. We will need your help! Come early to help with set up, seek out any new faces and help them feel welcome. Got a friend who plays guitar - let's bring in some music and make it a party!

If this is your first swap - here are a few insights:

a) All are welcome! Bring a friend! No tickets required
b) Everyone brings whatever they feel comfortable with - there are no limitations or expectations - our definition of "fairness" is that each person will share within their means and that has always resulted in amazing generosity and abundance.
c) All items brought to be shared will go onto a common table(s) to get blended in with everything else people are sharing. After spending time getting to know each other, we will go up in groups to take items from the tables, one item at a time, until each person decides they have taken enough to be "fair".

Some popular tradeable items (to get your creative juices flowing): canned goods and preserves, kombucha and shrubs, soaps and beauty care items, knit or sewn items, plants, baked goods, jewellery, leather crafts, wooden carvings, dog toys and treats, paintings and drawings, hot sauce, vouchers for service trades like haircuts, massages, and prepared meals... everything under the sun!

If you have any questions at all feel free to post in this event on Facebook as this community is very active and someone will know the answer :)

Also, use this space to share with others what you are making/working on this month to build the anticipation!

WHEN: Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 1 PM – 3 PM

WHERE: The Wooden Monkey Dartmouth, 40 Alderney Dr # 305


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Claudia Chender MLA