March Makers Swap

“Are you looking for a "break" in March - come join the Maker's Swap community at LifeSchoolHouse! Take a peek at the video from last months' swap to see all the glorious treats and crafts, and goodies that are shared. If this is your first swap - here are a few guidelines:

a) All are welcome! Bring a friend! No tickets required
b) Everyone brings whatever they feel comfortable with - there are no limitations or expectations - each within their means.
c) All items brought to be shared will go onto a common table(s) to get blended in with everything else people are sharing. After spending time getting to know the other makers each person will take items from the tables, one item at a time, until each person decides they have taken what they decide is fair.

Some popular tradeable items (to get your creative juices flowing): canned goods and preserves, kombucha and shrubs, soaps and beauty care items, knit or sewn items, plants, baked goods, jewellery, leather crafts, wooden carvings, dog toys and treats, paintings and drawings, hot sauce, vouchers for service trades like haircuts, massages, and prepared meals... everything under the sun!

If you have any questions at all feel free to post in this event on Facebook as this community is very active and someone will know the answer :)

Also, use this space to share with others what you are making/working on this month to build the anticipation! “

Facebook event

WHEN: Sunday, March 17, 1 PM – 3 PM

WHERE: Life.School.House, 315 Portland St, Dartmouth

Claudia Chender MLA