Support Group - Trans Feminine

"Trans feminine support group

Date: Saturday, May 5th, 1:30-3:00 pm.
Cost: Free of charge
Location: Alderney Library, Dartmouth in the Tynes room
Tynes room is on the second floor.

Note: Comments and the event itself is public, but the participant list isn't shared, so if you click "going" only the people running the event actually see that. If this concerns you, please keep this in mind before responding that you are interested or going or are commenting. You can always message us privately with any questions or concerns if you wish.


From 1:30-3:00pm the room will be used for a support group for those who identify as women or trans feminine, and those who are questioning their gender.

The library is conveniently located right at the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal in downtown Dartmouth, close to several bus stops.

We are welcome to use the bathroom that matches our own gender expression. There is also a gender neutral family washroom available with a key from the front desk.

The room comfortably holds a maximum to 25 people.
For more information about the Library and it's location here is the URL of their website:

Any closures due to weather will be posted on the Halifax Public Libraries' website. You can also call the library's main number: 902-490-5745 and any closures are supposed to be recorded there for listening. Unless the library closes we'll usually be there - so checking their webpage, twitter or number above will also inform you if the meeting is on or not :-) If the meeting is cancelled for any other reason, it will be posted here and on the public Transgender Rainbow Alliance Nova Scotia page.

Guiding Principles

Through a process of discussions and feedback from people in the local community, as well as consideration of what has worked well for other groups, we proposed the following set of starting principles. These principles are intended to keep this space safe. These principles were discussed at the first meeting, but we always welcome feedback. These principles include:
· A commitment to confidentiality. What is said in the room stays in the room. Members agree not to assume that others go by the same name/pronouns/identity outside the group.
· Mindfulness that everyone's journey is different. While there are often similarities in our journeys they are never completely the same. Our goals and experiences can all be different. This doesn't make any of them any less valid or true.
· Inclusivity. We'd like this to offer support for as much of the trans umbrella as possible. Trans men, trans women, gender fluid, gender queer, non-binary, dual gender, two spirited, those questioning their gender identity, intersex – and anyone else seeking support for gender identity. However, please note this is not a group for those that may dress for purely sexual or fetishistic reasons.
· Support embedded in respect. We ask that everyone use respectful and supportive language at these sessions. We also ask that the rules of the library be respected.

There will be an unpaid, facilitator volunteering at each session who will be present to try and ensure the group's principles are supported. We welcome people's input and ongoing feedback is important.

These will keep going as long as the community shows there is a need, so come on out :-)

Further Information

If you have any concerns, questions or ideas, please let us know either in the comments below, by messaging the Transgender Rainbow Alliance Nova Scotia, or via email to:

WHEN: Saturday, May 5th from 1:30 PM - 3 PM

WHERE: Alderney Gate Public Library,  in the Tynes room on the second floor, 60 Alderney Drive, Dartmouth


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Claudia Chender MLA