Indoor Herb Gardening

Small greens like lettuce, sprouts and herbs can grow up to twice as fast hydroponically, compared to growing in soil. And without the annoying bugs and diseases that can live in soil.

Splasher kits deliver a low-cost taste of hydroponics – clean delicious lettuce at the ready for sandwiches and salads. Start harvesting in 4 weeks or less, and keep harvesting after the farm market is closed for the year. No power required. You provide oxygen to the plant roots by “splashing” once or twice a day. The inner container holds the plants nestled in grow stones, a soil-free growing medium. Lift it, and nutrients splash through drainage holes into the outer container, oxygenating the nutrients and grow stones.

WHEN: Sunday, April 15 from 1 pm to 3 pm

WHERE: 315 Portland St, Dartmouth

HOW MUCH: Barter. See Facebook event for details.

Facebook event

Claudia Chender MLA