Sole Sisters, let's get our spring back! Winter is done.

"Let's get our spring back! Winter is done! Join us for this event on Saturday, March 31st from 10am to 12pm. We will start shortly after 10am for a SOCIAL walk or run of approximately 30 minutes! And after we’ve gotten ourselves warmed up and worked out, then we’ll have two talks that will energize and inform you! 

Your speakers will start at approximately 11am and will be Jen Estabrooks for Workshop #1 with Sherry & Lindsay Hatfield for Workshop #2. 

Refreshments and free foot assessments after and since it’s Soles In Motion (and they rock), there will be two draws for a FREE pair of running shoes to those that attend the workshops. 

There will also be an in-store special but they won’t tell us that surprise yet! So folks, if you’ve had a bit of time off then join us to kick start your training mentally, physically and with the right tools. You may win shoes too!"

WHEN: Saturday, March 31 from 10 am to 12 pm

WHERE: Soles In Motion, 133 Baker Dr, Suite 101, Dartmouth


See Facebook event.