Nostos Collectives presents Parallel Paths

"‘Parallel Paths is based on the possibility that the life you are living is also being lived by a person whom you might cross paths with or never interact. It is the feeling of lost and aloneness. It is the idea of life-paths crossing and having near misses. Where are we as humans, supposed to be in our lives? Are we in the place that we are supposed to be? At what point are you failing yourself? Are we alone on our journeys?’

This is the first premiere that is showcasing dancers from both branches, Toronto and Halifax. 

Nostos Collectives is an autonomous group of emerging contemporary dance artists who have graduated from various training programs and continue to challenge each other’s craft of choreography and performance. We have grown these past five years in Halifax's community to embody a certain movement aesthetic composed of raw physicality, floor work, partnering, and inventive use of bodies and space.”

WHEN: Friday, November 9 at 8 pm
Saturday, November 10 at 8 pm

WHERE: Alderney Landing, 2 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth


Facebook event.