Swap don't shop - baby and toddler clothes swap


"Join us for our first baby, toddler and kids clothes swap of 2018! 

We will be swapping clothes ages 0-5, as well as any pregnancy and nursing related items. (Since a few people have inquired about sizes 5+: this time, we will need to stick to 0-5 due to limited space. The plan however is to hold this event regularly and expand it, so there will be more sizes available at the next swap.)

At the Christ Church Parish Hall on Dundas Street, Dartmouth.

There is free parking at the hall (limited spaces) and on the street. Also, parking is free on Saturdays at Alderney Landing. The weekly market there is a nice event to combine this with. 

How it works:
Bring gently used clothes, as many or as little as you like and can. Take whatever you can use and need. Simple as that. This event is free and open to everyone - please invite your friends!

The following items are accepted:

- gently used or new kids clothing (age 0-5), sleepsacks, shoes etc.
- children’s books & books about pregnancy, parenting, sleeping etc.
- maternity and nursing clothes and accessories
- other baby items (bath, diaper bags, gently used or new toys, etc)

Things to remember:

Plan ahead: If at all possible, please consider dropping things off (pm me for address) before the event. This will allow us to have a more organized event and a better idea of what is available.

Think of others: only bring things that are in good condition and that you'd feel happy for your own child to have/wear. Please make sure clothes are washed and clean.

Even though things are free, we expect everyone to be respectful and kind towards one another. Any kind of pushy behavior, as well as aggressive hoarding, will not be accepted. 

Be generous: you don't have to bring as many things as you take home, but pretty much anyone with a child has some things at home they no longer need. Please try to bring at least 10 items to contribute to the swap. Of course, there's no maximum limit. Also, if you are an expectant parent, you do not have to bring anything. It looks like there will be maternity wear, so do come. 

Bring what you have, take what you love: please take what you think your children will really be able to wear, over the next weeks/months. We are hoping to host this on a regular basis, but this only is possible if items are rotating rather than being stockpiled at someone's house. Think of it more as a library than a shop. 

This is the first time we are hosting this: there is no guarantee things will be available in your child's size. We do however hope for a good turnout, so if you have things you no longer need nor want, please come by and join us. If you cannot attend but would like to contribute items, please pm me for where to drop things off before (in Downtown Dartmouth). 

All remaining items will be kept for the next swap. After that, they will be passed on to a chosen charitable organization. No item brought to the swap should ever be resold - the concept is that these things should float around our community freely, and to take the money aspect out of it. 

I will provide cake and cookies. There also is a room rental fee, so if you feel good about the event, please consider contributing with a donation at the door to cover room rental. If you feel like it, feel free to bring some snacks. Any helpers on the day are welcome too."

WHEN: Saturday, January 27 from 11 am to 3 pm

WHERE: Christ Church Parish Ofc, 61 Dundas St.

Facebook event.

Claudia Chender MLA